PassiveLogic’s Impact.
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A Sustainable Future.
One Building at a Time.

Buildings present the single largest opportunity for decarbonization in the global economy. If governments, corporations, and other organizations want to hit their climate targets then buildings must be the main focus. And some of the greatest potential lies in how we control the energy systems in our buildings. We don’t have to replace any of the HVAC equipment in a building — we just have to manage and control the systems with better foresight and coordination.

The sustainability impact of doing so will be massive, potentially the carbon equivalent to taking all vehicles off the road.

Building Energy Use.
By the Numbers.


Why Autonomous Buildings? 
Key Factors that Enable ESG.


Resource Efficiency.
Energy, People, Carbon Emissions.

PassiveLogic’s pilot projects have shown a 30% increase in energy efficiency through better control alone, without any equipment retrofits. But we think of the potential from a more holistic perspective: buildings are built for people.

When buildings better meet the needs of people, occupant wellbeing increases. And when people achieve greater wellbeing, they can achieve greater things. It’s a positive cycle that begins when we optimize the spaces where we spend 90% of our lives.

digital twins
built for-installers

Everyone Benefits from Autonomy.

The revolution in generative autonomy doesn’t mean much if it can’t be accessed. PassiveLogic is passionate about technology inclusion - that’s why every piece of our ecosystem has been designed to lower the bar to entry, not raise it.

Similarly our systems can scale into any type of building, so anyone can benefit from the outcomes of the technology as well. Whether you’re directly interacting with our products, or simply occupying a PassiveLogic building — everyone benefits and has the opportunity to take part in the future of autonomous systems.

Improve Insights and Governance.

At the core of PassiveLogic is Quantum, the digital twin standard for autonomous systems. We leverage digital twins as a living virtual representation of what’s in the real world, down to the physics that govern each piece of equipment.

The digital twin is the ultimate tool for verifying system performance and increasing visibility in operations — use it to better manage your building, meet government mandates, and apply for utility efficiency incentive programs — all without having to hire a team of engineers.

digital twins
built for-installers

Work with any Technology.

PassiveLogic alone isn’t going to solve the climate crisis. That’s why we’ve designed to our platform, including both hardware and software, to work with other technology stacks.

It’s also why we made Quantum, our digital twin standard for autonomous systems, a completely open and collaborative organization. We have a growing list of Quantum Alliance members who are working together with us to tackle the biggest challenges in the built environment.

Smart Cities need  (truly) Smart Buildings.

You can’t have smart cities without smart (autonomous) buildings. When multiple PassiveLogic buildings interact, they can communicate their future energy needs among one another and with the utility company. Now the entire city can navigate its energy needs as a coordinated fleet, saving resources and avoiding dangerous spikes in demand. And that’s just the beginning for what’s possible in a smart city built with autonomous buildings.