Software Definable I/O 

Cell Modules

Cell I/O. Meet the Modules.

PassiveLogic's Cell modular I/O are the building blocks of the PassiveLogic platform. Mix and match, reconfigure, and meet any project's interface requirements.

Plug & Play.

Cell modules are plug and play. Just push a Cell into the Hive controller and it automatically locks into place. Eject with just the push of a button.

Each Cell module is built around our exclusive tool-less lever lock terminals that securely connects almost any wire, from 10 to 26 gauge.

Same Height Control

One Box. 48 Points.
You Choose.

No more building control panels! The Hive provides all power and communication bussing for up to 8 Cell modules — 48 software defined points in one controller.

Mix and match the I/O you need. Whether high voltage or low voltage — customize a Hive controller configuration in 60 seconds... then daisy chain as many as you need. Days of panel building saved.

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Free Range I/O.
Wired or Wireless.

Need remote I/O points or a smarter VAV controller? No need to home run wires, the Hive Satellite can holster two Cell modules, providing up to 12 points anywhere in your building — airflow pickup included.

With spanning tree IP support and on-board bluetooth mesh, you have the choice of wired or wireless.

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Smart Wiring. Everywhere.

PassiveLogic's Cell modular I/O are the building blocks of the PassiveLogic platform. Mix and match, reconfigure, and meet any project's interface requirements.

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Power Monitoring.
Every Point.

Every Cell module terminal has built in voltage, current and power monitoring. Whether you're controlling a valve, pump, motor, or fan, with PassiveLogic everything in your building has continuous power monitoring and fault detection — all automatically.

Same Height Control

Real-Time Line Testing.
Every Wire Commissioned.

Each terminal has a built in multimeter to ensure your wires are installed correctly in real time. During the Hive controller's self-commissioning sequence, Cell modules test each wire for short circuits, cut wires, and proper sensor and equipment connection. 

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BACNet, 24VAC, or 4-20ma.
All from One Point. Really.

Finally "whole building" automation. All your systems working together in coordinated control. PassiveLogic's Hive control is based on the real world physics of their building interactions.

Conventional control systems blindly manage each sub-system separately, and are unable to address the complex interconnected reality of real-world buildings.

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Digital Labeling. 
No Sharpie® Required.

Drag and Drop point mapping enables instant wire changes without programming.

The Wiring heads-up display provides permanent digital labeling of your system.


Multi Cell

6X Universal Ports
Thermistors, RTD, 1-Wire
0-10 V Input/Output
0-20 mA Input/Output
0-480 VAC Input
24 VAC Output
Modbus / RS485 Interface

Power Cell

2X Power Control Blocks
120/240 VAC output- 2 Amps
24 VAC output- 2 Amps
AC motor control
Dimmable lighting
Real-time current monitoring
Real-time voltage monitoring

Motor Cell

2X DC Motor Control Blocks
12/24 VDC motor drivers
PWM speed control
Real-time current monitoring
Real-time voltage monitoring
Overcurrent/torque protection
Optional tachometer feedback

Relay Cell

2x Dry Contact Blocks
SPDT relays (10A)
Up to 240 VDC/VAC
Real-time current monitoring
Real-time voltage monitoring
Overcurrent protection

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