One control • Every building

Installer Simplicity

One Hive controller does the job of dozens of competitors single-purpose boxes. When you roll a truck, you can be certain you have the solution on the shelf. Adaptive electronics and control intelligence in each Hive controller allows it to morph to your project needs.

Scales from residential to large commercial. PassiveLogic erases the artificial dividing line between market segments. With the intelligence to drive the worlds most complex buildings, yet a simplicity that can be mastered by the average technician, PassiveLogic makes building automation accessible, affordable, and applicable to every building.

Starting at an entry price point of $1000, PassiveLogic’s pricing scales to address the underserved small commercial market, while being price competitive with conventional “dumb” controls in large deployments.

No more paying per obtuse “point.” Know how much a project costs from the start. Whether your building uses 1 or 500 Hive controllers, pricing is simple. Buy your Hive controllers, then purchase a one-time license for the number of controlled zones… simple.

Smart • Real Intelligence

At best remote control….


Buildings are complex robots

Trillions of States

Buildings are really dumb

Unchanged in decades
ON/OFF control
Relay logic Procedural

Pain-points are high

Complexity limits deployments
Iterative commissioning
Error prone install
Limited target market



10x faster • programming/install
Eliminates interactive commissioning
Reduces error prone install 
Scales across market boundaries

Autonomous systems

Human responsive • Adapts to occupants
Real-time decisions • Not pre-canned imperative actions
Guides own installation • Eliminating key errors
Whole building opimization • Occupants
Controllable systems • Energy systems
Storage • market rates 
Resons about actions Smart city agents • Demand-response & peer networks