Hive Controller

Brains for Buildings

One Box. One Complete Solution.

The Hive controller combines PassiveLogic's Autonomous Building Platform technology with swarm networking, intelligent I/O, and a user interface — all in a simple plug & play appliance.


All Intelligence Onboard. Welcome to the Edge.


PassiveLogic's platform is the first truly intelligent building system. We automate automation — controlling your building based on the laws of physics, not arbitrary set-points or linear controls.

Not your father's "smart building". Today's smart buildings aren't smart at all — just connected. Expensive software-as-a-service add-ons that promise to "un-dumb" your control system can only achieve low-value results and reduced reliability, all at the cost of more integration effort. No thanks.


Just Draw. Don’t Code.

Gone are the days of drafting paper plans and design documents.
Drawing in PassiveLogic is effortless full stack automation.

Control Autopilot.

The Hive generates control sequences in real-time based on real-world building dynamics. Continuously commissioning for optimized comfort, energy and operational costs. 

PassiveLogic's truly autonomous control system takes care of all the edge cases, preventing the call backs that often result in weeks of tweaking and tuning.


Control Any Building
Complex… or Simple.

PassiveLogic scales. The Hive controller addresses all your projects whether small commercial, multi-family, industrial, or high rise. Starting at under $1500 entry point, you can afford to put the best technology into all your buildings — no compromises.

Whether your building has 1 Hive Controller or 100, PassiveLogic’s control technology scales to your project.

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Orchestrates all Your Systems
A Whole Building in Concert

Finally "whole building" automation. All your systems working together in coordinated control. PassiveLogic's Hive control is based on the real world physics of their building interactions.

Conventional control systems blindly manage each sub-system separately, and are unable to address the complex interconnected reality of real-world buildings.

The Hive Controller solves the thermodynamics of the building as a whole, controlling it the same way nature does.

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Zero to Automated. 
In 30 Minutes

PassiveLogic's drag and drop user interface allows you to start with the drawings you already have and turn them into building controls automatically. No programming required.

Wired or Wireless.
Easy Retrofits.

All networking on-board. You choose wired or wireless. Whether using Ethernet or WiFi, the Hive topology is simple and self-routing. Wire in loops, rings, daisy chains, we'll do the rest.

Wire drops can be expensive. PassiveLogic's built-in wifi-mesh routing solves your retrofit headaches.


Freed from the Basement.
Controls go public.

The Hive controller can be installed anywhere, from a mechanical room, to a public hallway or it can be inserted into any stud wall cavity.

Beautiful design means you can put controls anywhere — shorter wire runs, functional access points — everybody wins.


Slide up to Install.
Slide down to Operate.

Unlock the screen and slide up, and the Hive transforms into an installer control center. Real-time wiring feedback, live testing, protocol changes on the fly.

The Hive controller combines all your automation needs into one pre-manufactured control panel — Cell modules, setup interface, user access point, power supply and bussing. PassiveLogic reduces your install time by half, and your project time by 90%.

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An Engineering Team
In a “To Go” Box.

Roll your truck confident that a Hive controller is the only solution needed for the project. The Hive controller eliminates whole catalogs of single function controllers, and adapts to every use.


Infinitely Configurable.
We Don’t Box You in.

PassiveLogic's "control by definition" technology allows you to control every building efficiently.

PassiveLogic is built for the real world, for real installers. Buildings are a complicated messy business, that come in endless topologies. Unlike other "not so smart" solutions that box you into one or two system types, PassiveLogic is infinitely configurable for any building.

Deep Anaylsis.
Not Merely Anaytics.

The Hive controller automatically generates deep insights about your building. Not just what happened historically — but how and why — saving you hours interpreting your system. 

PassiveLogic provides smart information, not merely data — with a level of depth that other analytics platforms could only dream of.

Automates its Own Design.
Smart Buildings, Smarter Business.

No more days of system design, product selection, and acquisition time. The Hive designs your control system for you, generates a project spec, creates the bill of materials, and connects you with your local stocking distributor.

Add from a growing solution store of third party applications. Enable your project with a click of a button, eliminating endless hours of integration.

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Guided Wiring. Self-Commissioning.


PassiveLogic enables a digital worksite. Automatic wiring system, and commissioning testing and validation — guaranteed.

No More Wiring Errors.
Built-in Line Testing.

Every point has built-in line testing. Like a DMM on every terminal, the Hive controller ensures all your wires are connected properly and to the right equipment and sensors. With software defined I/O, the Hive can fix wiring mistakes on the fly.


Automated Point-Mapping.
Universal Translation.

Draw your system and building layout, and the Hive will design its own control topology and interfaces, automatically point-map, and generate more accurate sensor fusion from the building's underlying thermodynamics. You're welcome.

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Self Commissioning.
While You Get Other Work Done.

Shorten your commissioning time by 90%. The Hive controller automatically commissions with underlying physics system knowledge.

Finally automation driven by reality — not guesses and all-nighters.

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Turns Automation Up to 11.

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Tired of spending weeks tuning and tweaking stone-age control technology?
Deep physics technology optimizes your whole building systems in real-time.

Finally we can leave 100 year-old PID and set-points behind.

Freaking Powerful.
Swarm Supercomputing.

Hive controllers work together in swarms — a powerful supercomputer right inside your building. Just daisy-chain Hive controllers together, and they'll do the rest.

Swarm intelligence scales. Every time you add a Hive control node, it makes the building smarter while providing redundancy — no added effort.

12 Core Processor.
3 Trillion Operations a Second.

The Hive controller has a 12 Core processor and neural engine capable of a million digital-twin generated control sequences per second — making real-time automation a reality.

PassiveLogic leverages powerful "edge computing" to drive your building — putting the intelligence right in your building — no cloud required.

Yours. Private. GDPR Compliant.


Built-in Redundancy.
Automatic Election.

Add as many Hive control nodes as you need for control points or user access — and let them self-assemble into a network. Whether using Ethernet or on-board WiFi, the Hive topology is simple and flat. Each node is capable of mastering your system. At startup, Hive nodes all vote to elect a leader. If the network is damaged, a new leader is elected, providing simple I.T. and built-in redundancy.


Fully Integrated. Infinitely Flexible.
Scrap your Catalogs.

Built in%20Secure%20VPN
Built in%20Analytics
Built in%20Ethernet%20Switch

Fully Integrated. Infinitely Flexible.
Scrap your Catalogs.

Built in%20Secure%20VPN
Built in%20Analytics
Built in%20Ethernet%20Switch

Fully Integrated. Infinitely Flexible.
Scrap your Catalogs.