Hive Controller

Brains for Buildings

One Box. One Complete Solution.

The Hive controller combines PassiveLogic's Autonomous Building Platform technology with swarm networking, intelligent I/O, and a user interface — all in a simple plug-and-play appliance.

Automation Simplified

PassiveLogic’s Hive Platform is the missing brain for buildings. We convert any building into an adaptive human-centric space. The Hive Platform revolutionizes HVAC control using the physics of human comfort to adapt in response to each individual’s presence - all while optimizing building systems for the best performance and energy efficiency. 


Gone are the hours drawing plans to just make paper plans. Draw in PassiveLogic and you get a complete automation system - eliminating weeks of manual programming and commissioning.

Just Draw.
No Coding.

Passive Logic is the first fully autonomous platform for buildings. Coordinated autopilot for all building assets in real time - all at the edge.

Slide the screen up to access an intuitive
step-by-step guided installation interface.

AI/ML engine automatically adjusts to changing conditions, saving 30% of building energy.

Hive translates your drawings into digital twins and generates smart controls. No programming needed.

Automatically tests installer connections, eliminating common wiring mistakes, shaving weeks off of final commissioning.

All Intelligence Onboard.
Welcome to the Edge.

Not your father's "smart building". Today's smart buildings aren't smart at all — just connected. Expensive software-as-a-service add-ons that promise to "un-dumb" your control system can only provide low-value results and reduced reliability, all at the cost of more integration effort. No thanks.

PassiveLogic's platform is the first truly intelligent building system. We automate automation, providing a fully autonomous BMS, that controls your building based on the laws of physics, not arbitrary set-points or linear controls. No internet connection required.

Fully Integrated. Infinitely Flexible.
Scrap your Catalogs.

Roll your truck, confident that a Hive controller is the only solution you need for your project. As an installer, you know how much time you spend just selecting the right products. The Hive controller eliminates whole catalogs of single function controllers, and adapts to every use.

FoWired or Wireless? You got both on board.

Sensor aggregation? User access point? Done.

Network routing? Three .

No more days of system design, product selection, and acquisition time.