Buildings are complicated.


The conditions are always changing, multiple interrelated systems must work together, and all the people associated with a building need different things. At PassiveLogic, we look at this complication and see an opportunity for integration and simplicity. Building controls are purchased and used by regular people, not executives sitting in ivory towers.

We’ve made sure our platform meets the fundamental needs of the engineers and technicians working in the mechanical rooms, but we’ve included features for the executives and real estate moguls too. When you design an integrated system from the ground up, you get the chance to reinvent the fundamental principles and build value at every stage of the building life-cycle. At PassiveLogic, we take this opportunity seriously.
We aren’t settling for anything less than a revolution in the way we design, build, operate, manage, and maintain our buildings. 

Our mission is to make buildings work for you
not the other way around

Our Team

Jeremy Fillingim
Troy Harvey
Nathan Hill
Business Development