Hive Platform

PassiveLogic’s Hive Platform is the missing brain for buildings. We convert any building into an adaptive human-centric space. The Hive Platform revolutionizes HVAC control using the physics of human comfort to adapt in response to each individual’s presence — all while optimizing building systems for the best performance and energy efficiency.

PassiveLogic enables the largest market for autonomous systems: the built environment. As intelligent agents in the smart city economy, Hive-enabled buildings communicate with utilities using real-time rates and pricing futures to navigate around rate peaks hours before they even occur.

“PassiveLogic is 15 years ahead of the industry."

- Dave Thompson, Colvin Engineering


Control any building just by drawing. Our LiveDiagrams™ technology translates your drawings into a physics description of the target building. PassiveLogic's control engine then uses its physics intelligence to manage all of your building systems in real-time.

With PassiveLogic, there’s no more programming or sequence diagrams, just efficient control for every building and every system under every climate condition.


Simple • Self-Federating • Redundant. Add as many Hive control nodes as you need for sensor aggregation, control points, or user access — and let them self-federate into a control network. Whether hardwired using Ethernet or via on-board WiFi, the Hive topology is simple and flat. Each Hive node is capable of mastering your system. At startup, Hive nodes all vote to elect a leader. If the network is damaged, a new leader is elected, providing simple I.T. and built-in redundancy.


PassiveLogic is designed for installers. The Hive platform allows you to focus on the value you add to buildings, without getting stuck in a spiral of customer callbacks.

The hours you used to invest in drawing plans that only generated paper now provide Digital Twin based control — eliminating weeks of manual programming and commissioning.

By significantly reducing time consuming manual effort, PassiveLogic allows you to use your teams expertise to add value, increase profitability and reduce reliance on rare expertise, allowing your business to scale.

Deep Analytics

Deep insight, No effort

Analytics for the price of admission. PassiveLogic believes you have a right to your data. It’s a feature, not a product. And yet few people today have any insight into their most valuable asset: their buildings. The problem lies with current technology, which has no ontological notion of the assets in the building. PassiveLogic’s Digital Twins will disrupt how you think about analytics.

PassiveLogic’s Digital Twin approach to automation generates detailed analytics automatically for every asset in the building. Detailed data is recorded about systems, equipment, sensors, occupants, and the envelope. Because PassiveLogic’s physics engine understands the underlying Twin physics, reasoning, and semantics of every control decision, Hive analytics visualize not just “what” occurred, but “how”, “why”, and “what will be”.

The underlying technology behind Twins describes your equipment’s internal physics, the interfaces to the physical world, and all of the governing parameters. So a pump isn’t just an on-off control point, but dozens of inspectable variables like pressure, flow, power, and real-time pump curves. Each variable is tracked with quality of data measurements to indicate whether each point is accurate or an approximate.


Automatic Clustering

Clustered affordable controllers

Bigger buildings
More compute 
Longer event horizon


One controller or One hundred

Automatic discovery 
Master election 
Redundant control

Digital Twins


PassiveLogic mimics the real world using Digital Twins for each building component, and even each individual occupant.

PassiveLogic’s A.I. engine uses Digital Twins to control all building systems in real-time. Digital Twins enable intelligent automation with a view of the future: steering the building, making control decisions before events happen.

We make automation 10X simpler: Scan your building with our mobile app, or draw a floor plan, and our software creates a 3D Digital Twin of your building while co-locating controls and sensors.

Autonomous Control

Finally executing at scale

PassiveLogic’s physics engine eliminates the most time consuming parts of automation: design, programming, and commissioning. We make the automation design cycle 10X faster and enable the average technician by replacing programming with a drag-and-drop drawing environment.

PassiveLogic’s products are designed to for the under-served and cost sensitive middle market, as well as the large commercial segment. PassiveLogic’s solutions scale from an entry price of $1000, providing a single solution for the whole building industry.

Optimized in real-time… not just once. Current building controls are only right once – the day you commissioned them. PassiveLogic ensures your system is running optimally in real-time, even years later. And commissioning? We’ve got that covered too. Our physics-based engine provides guided install and live wire testing, eliminating the most challenging errors before they can even occur.