Building Automation.

Meet Future.

PassiveLogic’s infinitely configurable platform enables users to design their own custom autonomous systems. We've reinvented the fundamental principles of automation to replace legacy control logic with real-time control decisions at the edge, reducing the world’s carbon footprint, while paving the way for the future of smart cities.

One Platform

Automation for the whole building life cycle.

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Real-Time Autopilot

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Just Draw

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Whole Building

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Deep Digital Twins

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90% Reduced Labor

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Any Building Complexity

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Distributed Intelligence

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Architectural Guarantees

“PassiveLogic is 15 years ahead of the industry.”
-Dave Thompson, Colvin Engineering

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A Platform for Buildings. Disguised as a BMS.

PassiveLogic starts with the fundamental requirement — a control system — and embeds a complete Autonomous Platform for Buildings. It's like having a superhero on every project.

Built on a digital twin foundation, PassiveLogic installation requires 90% less effort than a conventional Building Management System (BMS) — yet provides a whole value-chain of solutions not previously possible.


Real intelligence, real insight, and really simple — all right at the "edge” inside of your building — not just a cloud bolt-on to conventional dumb controls.


Fully Autonomous.
(Truly) Intelligent.

Today's "smart buildings" aren't smart at all — just connected. Expensive cloud add-ons that promise to "un-dumb" your control system can only provide low-value results and reduced reliability, all at the cost of more integration effort. No thanks.

PassiveLogic's platform is the first truly intelligent building system. We automate automation, providing a fully autonomous BMS that controls your building based on the laws of physics, not arbitrary set-points or linear controls. No internet connection required.


Designed for Everyone.
Built for Installers.

PassiveLogic solves your building challenges — whether you are an owner, operator, architect, engineer, contractor, or ESCO — all while making the installer's job downright fun. Everybody wins.

At PassiveLogic we reimagined every aspect of automation, making your projects simple, fast, and error free ­— at a price comparable to old-school thermostatics.


PassiveLogic’s affordable plug-and-play platform puts automation in reach of every building. AutoPilot eliminates manual programming and commissioning, saving hundreds of man-hours on every project.


Every Building.
Every Stakeholder.

New construction or retrofit, PassiveLogic starts under a $1,500 price point and scales to the largest of projects.

Whether your building project requires a sensor network, an analytics upgrade, a digital worksite process, or an energy retrofit — PassiveLogic provides a complete Autonomous Building Platform at the price of a point solution, with a fraction of the effort.


Built on Digital Twins.
From the Ground Up.

Draw, don't code. PassiveLogic's revolutionary building platform has a digital twin foundation — bringing physics knowledge to your building workflow, and intelligence to automation.

Our digital twin technology understands the underlying physics and interconnections between buildings, equipment, systems, and occupant physiology. With the power to understand buildings, PassiveLogic automatically introspects its own operation, continuously commissions for the best efficiency, and generates its own analysis.


Shockingly, conventional automation systems know nothing about buildings. PassiveLogic changes the game, delivering optimal control based on laws of physics, not just on old-fashioned programmatic sequences.

Future Forward Control.
Thinks First. Then Acts. 

Introducing the first real revolution in automation in over a 100 years: future-forward control. Think of it like a time-machine for your automation system.

Each control sequence is intelligently generated in real-time based on changing building dynamics. No more static sequences or manual coded assumptions — just objectively better control.

PassiveLogic's decision engine analyzes the future implications of every control action before applying it. Using an incredibly fast on-board physics engine, PassiveLogic analyzes millions of sequences futures every second — selecting only the most optimal control given the current conditions. 


Automatically Optimized.
Human-Centric Buildings.

Buildings are designed for people. Now your control system is too. PassiveLogic is the first control system that understands human comfort. Our platform uses physiological digital twins to evaluate how we experience our environment.

PassiveLogic uses control paths based on actual comfort, not just air temperature — which is only 20% of the information needed to define comfort. No more arbitrary thermostatic set-points.

No more fights between maintenance and occupants. Better comfort, better efficiency, better control.

The Future is Now

Digital Twins redefine the next 100 years of automation

Quit living in the past. Most BMS systems are packaged to look modern, but under the hood they are the same old 19th-century thermostatics or 1930’s style proportional control systems and procedural programming. Impossible to tune, and never optimized. PassiveLogic changes the game.

Static Sequences

Real-Time Optimized Sequences

Reacts to Past

Future-Forward Control


Human Responsive

Manual Commissioning

Automated Commissioning

Analytics - Manual

Analyzes Automatically

Uh… Just Not Smart

Cooperates - Smart Cities


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